scootersTravel Plan

St Martins School has a detailed Travel Plan that was developed with input from St Martins school staff, pupils, BOT and parent representatives, the NZ Police, and the Christchurch City Council.

The objectives of the Travel Plan plan are to:

  • Improve the safety of our children’s travel to and from school
  • Encourage and support St Martins families to reduce the use of cars and reduce congestion at the school gate
  • Improve the physical health and learning ability of St Martins children
  • Reduce energy use and pollution of our environment
  • Engage the community in the ownership of the School Travel plan

Here are some important points regarding travel to school:

  • Please make use of staffed pedestrian crossings and teach your children to safely cross roads.

  • For safety reasons please ensure that your children walk their scooters or bicycles within the school grounds and that they take care of pedestrians especially close to the school where it can get very busy. Please note that experts recommend that children do not cycle alone before the age of 10 years.

  • Parking for bicycles and scooters is available behind Rooms 21-24 (two storey building)

  • Please be very careful parking when transporting your child to school and adhere to parking rules, for example: 3 minute drop off zone, no parking on yellow lines, or across driveways. These regulations are for the benefit of all and are monitored at times by CCC parking enforcers with tickets issued if necessary.

  • Maximum care with slow speeds are needed when travelling along Albert Terrace and roads surrounding our school.

WalkingSchoolBusThe Christchurch City Council’s publication titled A Parents Guide to Pedestrian Safety provides information on teaching children to be safe pedestrians.

We are always open to hearing from school families regarding travel issues especially ways to improve our children’s well being and safety.