2024 Staff

At St Martins School we are fortunate to have a passionate, dedicated, and professional team of teachers, lead by a strong management team, and supported by experienced teacher aides, specialist teachers, and administration and support staff.

You are welcome to contact staff via email. Click on their name below to access their email address.

School Leadership – Implementation Team

School Office – Student & Community enquiries

  • Support Staff Team Leader / Enrolments Kate Thomson
  • Student and School Accounts / Itinerant Music Coordinator Megan Moore

Teaching Teams

Explorers (Year 0-2 Syndicate)

Discoverers (Year 3-4 Syndicate) 

Navigators (Year 5-6 Syndicate)

High Fliers (Year 7-8 Syndicate) 

Support Staff

Contact support staff via the office or, in the case of teacher aides, the classroom teacher.

Release Teachers – Ben Irvine, Penny Ledgard, Julie Young, Nic Geesink, Suzie O’Hara, Kendall Skelton

Teacher Aides – Callum McLean, Chris Swain, Lisa Dunn, Vickie Rickard-Green, Tam Edensor

Garden to TableMarie Cliff (Kitchen Specialist) and Philippa Curtis (Gardens)

Reading Recovery, ESOL & Special Needs – Cate van Leuven

Music lessons – see our Music Lessons page

Performing Arts – see our performance groups page

LibrarianMarie Cliff

Caretaker – Adrian Marr