Student Council Executives

St Martins School has a dedicated team of Year 8 Student Council executives who run the following committees:

  • Environment
  • School Spirit
  • Communication
  • Fundraising
  • Student Voice

The Selection Process

It is a difficult task to select the Student Council Executives for the following year, however there is a formal process that we go through to do this which is outlined below:

  1. End of year discussion with Year 7’s around following year’s leadership roles available.
  2. Explanation of application criteria and applications handed to interested students.
  3. Applications handed in on due date. (No applications accepted after the due date unless illness or similar circumstance).
  4. Lead teacher of Student Council reads applications and sorts applications according to committee preference, along with suggestions for executives.
  5. Lead teacher hands to Year 7/8 Syndicate Leader to read. Syndicate Leader notes applications most suitable for each committee, considering applications that contain the specified criteria. Syndicate Leader suggestions for executives made.
  6. Applications discussed with Year 7/8 Syndicate teachers. Final decisions made.
  7. Announcements made at the end of year final whole school assembly.