Information Pānui

Being well informed is important to everyone and we understand that our parents and community wish to access information in a range of ways. To make sure that we communicate effectively, St Martins School uses a variety of methods for sharing important information:

  • This website holds a vast array of information about our school and is regularly updated.
  • The school Calendar will give you a good idea of what is planned for the year and is continually being updated. By scrolling over any calendar entries you can find out more details relating to each entry. Click and you’ll get any further information that is available.
  • Our Syndicate teams and class teachers use many platforms to communicate information to parents and students. Some of these include Dojo, Seesaw and the HERO student management system.

Almost everything you might need to know about St Martins School is held on the website, so please explore!

In emergencies, or when we need to contact parents in a hurry, St Martins School uses ‘text messaging’ to send bulk messages. Each text sent is a cost to the school, so most often the school will email ‘alert messages’ to keep parents informed. The HERO email message system also allows information to be shared in-between newsletters, which are sent out fortnightly on a Thursday.

Updating contact information

St Martins is intending to make most forms of communications digital over time, and we do need your contact information kept up to date if you wish to receive emergency texts or other digitally communicated information. So please make sure that the school office has your latest contact details.