Performance Groups

St Martins School offers an exciting variety of musical and performance opportunities, which support our performing arts curriculum programme. Our performance groups will perform at a variety of opportunities throughout the year. If you are interested in finding out more information about our Performance Group opportunities please feel free to contact Sonia Hocking.

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Some of the performance opportunities include:

Kapa Haka

We are proud to have two Kapa Haka Groups: junior (years 0-4) and senior (years 5-8). Students are given an opportunity to express Māori heritage and culture, learning traditional and contemporary waiata and haka. Our students are led by Tania Nathan and Willie Wipirata and Hamish Lancaster-Whillis is the Teacher in Charge of Kapahaka.

Percussion Group

Our Percussion Group consistently surprises and delights us with their creative arrangements. This stunning group is lead by Helen Murray. Students and includes students from Years 4-8 who are selected by audition and skillfully trained throughout the Year. Reading music is a pre-requisite for this group. As this is an extra curricular activity there is a charge.

Concert Band

Susan McKeich leads our wonderful Concert Band, which brings together children from Year 5 upwards to experience the challenge and fun of working together to make music and entertain.As this is an extra curricular activity there is a charge.

Recorder Ensemble

This is where music begins. Susan McKeich leads two recorder ensembles, introducing children at a young age to this versatile instrument, teaching the basics of reading music, playing together in performance and building foundations for learning other instuments.

Rock Band

The St Martins School Rock Band is led by Danial Neale. For students wishing to take a more dynamic approach to their music we have our Rock Band. Singers, drummers, and guitarists from year 5-8 audition to join the band with aim of performing live, loud and with passion. Practice is on Monday lunchtimes. As this is an extra curricular activity there is a charge.


For those who love to sing and perform we have two Choirs at St Martins School. There is a Year 3-6 and a Year 7-8 Choir, which are collaboratively led by Sonia Hocking.

Dance Crew

We have many students who enjoy dance. This group offers them an opportunity to learn and perform. As well as performing at school we have performed at the Christchurch International Airport. Dance Crew is led by Sonia Hocking.

Extension Performance Arts Company (EPAC)

Sonia Hocking leads the Year 7 – 8 students. This is an opportunity for our more talented and gifted performers to try new and exciting forms of dance expression. We perform at school and have also performed for local Early Childcare Centres. Exploration into smaller bands is led by Sonia Hocking.