Learning in a Digital World

At St Martins School, Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) are integrated across multiple learning areas. When ICT is integrated like this, learners are engaged and motivated, they have the opportunity to communicate and interact globally, and can access multiple global sources of information instantly.

Please read our Digital Safety Agreement 2020

At St Martins School it is our goal for:

  • all learners to use digital technology, communication tools, or networks to locate, evaluate, use, create and share information.
  • teaching and learning programmes to be facilitated by or supported through the smart use of information and communication technologies. (Emphasis on literacy, numeracy, and inquiry based learning).
  • student achievement to be enhanced.

Some classes and syndicates at St Martins School use Class Blogs & Wikis to record what they are up to and keep students and their families and up-to-date with class news and events. Others use specific websites for online home learning.