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Dear Parents / Caregivers, It is with much sadness that we share the news with you that Lachie passed away yesterday.  Our thoughts, sincerest condolences and prayers are with Kelly and her family at this time. Lachie made a positive impact on our school, through the wonderful interactions and relationships he built with other children, staff and families.  From his engaging smile to the light hearted conversations.  He made a special place in our hearts and pulled us all together. Today many children, particularly in the senior school, shared stories around their interaction with Lachie, the funny times, the moments that made them laugh, the moments that made them cry, the effect that Lachie has had on them. We are all the better for having Lachie in our lives.  Now is our time to hold on to the things that made him special to all of us, the caring, the fight, the resilience and especially his kindness. Rest peacefully Lachie. By the end of today all classroom teachers will have had an age appropriate conversation with their class.  Many classes have shared the news this morning.  We have had Meg from Mana Ake available for children and staff members as needed throughout the morning.  Mana Ake will provide another counselor for tomorrow as well.  We have had a number of children talking about their feelings with teachers and Meg this morning.  Could we ask that you check in on your children throughout the next few days and weeks to support them with their changes in emotion as they process this loss to them and your family.  If you feel your child may need further support please reach out to their classroom teacher in the first instance. Regards, Andrew

End of Term Updates

Dear Parents / Caregivers, Our last newsletter for the term will be next Thursday.  There are a few aspects to be aware of before the end of the term. WHEELIE FUN FRIDAY We currently have building and plumbing work on the top court.  With the weather also looking a bit iffy for Friday we will have our wheelie fun Friday for the NE – Y2 children next term. LEARNING CONFERENCES We will be having our term two learning conferences on Wednesday 1st July and Thursday 2nd July.  The learning conferences will focus on how your child has settled back into learning at school, any aspects from your home learning experience you would like to share or areas for your child to focus on, as well as the progress teachers have seen throughout the term and an aspect of learning that your child will share with you.  The learning conferences are 15 minutes in length. The learning conference timeframes are: Wednesday 1st July, 1.15 – 6.00pm School will close at 1.00pm on Wednesday 1st July Thursday 2nd July, 3.30 – 7.30pm. To book a time please complete the following: Enter code v8tud or click on the link Enter your name, child’s name, room Select your child’s teacher Select the time you would like to meet Online bookings open today and will close on Monday 29th June.  If you do not have access to a computer to book online please contact Michele in the office (ph 332-6121 ext 701) to make an appointment for you. Crèche A Crèche will run in ToeToe / Rms 1 and 2. The Crèche is for young siblings you do not wish to take to the conferences. HOLIDAY PROPERTY UPDATE The basketball and netball hoops on the top court are being put in this week and next.  Thanks to Bryce for getting these in for us.  We think the netball / basketball hoops will be available next week and the two half court hoops opening up next Friday.  We look forward to getting on to these courts.  Feel free to come and use the courts during the holiday break. A few maintenance / remedial works (you may have noticed some blocks missing from the top of the new seating area) and the front fence were to be completed by the Ministry of Education during the term one break.  With all of NZ moving to Alert Level 4 this work was not completed.  We have recently had confirmation that this work will be carried out during the term two break. The front fence will sit inside the current fence line going around the garden to meet the hall while on the office side, join up to the fencing across the driveway.  Thanks to the Whānau Group who will be installing suitable gating at the Waharoa. Thanks for your ongoing support, Andrew

Welcome Naumai

St Martins Primary School delivers high quality, child-centred education in a friendly and inviting learning environment. We aim to ‘Inspire a Passion For Learning’ through instilling our School’s Values and Beliefs: Respect – Manaaki, Caring – Aroha, Responsibility – Haepapa, Personal Best – E Ranga!, and Learning – Ako. It is our goal to develop confident, connected actively involved, life long learners.

We believe that a strong and open partnership between school, family and the wider community is essential if we are to empower our students to create their own pathways to success. We acknowledge the unique individuals that our children are, their diverse abilities, their distinct personalities, their interests and their cultures, and we aim to provide exciting and engaging learning programmes that will meet their needs today, and prepare them for tomorrow.

We are fortunate to be served by a committed Board of Trustees, supported by an energetic and creative S’MART Community. We encourage our parent community to be involved in our school in whatever ways they can, and because they play an important role in developing the strategic direction of our school, and as this is a community school.

Enjoy your visit to our website, and if you would like to know more about St Martins School please feel free to make an appointment to meet with me.

Kind regards

Andrew Mouat

Proposed Enrolment Scheme for St Martins School

The Ministry of Education has requested under section 11H of the Education Act 1989 that St Martins School amends its enrolment home zone to manage our growing school roll and our building capacity. 

The reason for this is to ensure that schools can manage the numbers of students attending their school and ensure an equitable spread of students between schools. Before amending our enrolment zone we are required to consult with our students, parents and local community, with parents of prospective students of St Martins School and with the Boards of other local schools that may be affected by the amendment. 

Because of the significant crossover of our current enrolment home zones, we are working collaboratively with Thorrington School and Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto to develop our proposed amendments to our enrolment home zones. This will allow our schools and the Ministry of Education to effectively manage the capacity of our schools, both for now and the future.  Further information can be found on our enrolment zone page or displayed in the school office.

The St Martins Way – Our Learning Model

The St Martins Way (the S’MART Way) plays a significant role in the delivery of the curriculum at St Martins School. The S’MART Way represents the St Martins School learning model and has been developed in consultation with the school community and the school staff. It incorporates special branding that brings to life our special learning model.