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Friday 27 March Update

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Well here we are, almost into the weekend with the holidays about to start on Monday.  We have been working hard to make connections with students throughout this week. As we have previously mentioned online learning stage 1 – Holiday Activities is now in place ( ).  This website offers a wide range of activities to share with your child / ren during the next few weeks.  We continue to upload new content. Today we have added more material on the Wellbeing page to support parents in the ‘parent information’ section ( ). Teachers will continue to touch base throughout the weeks as well as some sharing on our Facebook page.  Look out for our continued picture book sharing next week. While the children are on holiday we will be preparing online learning stage 2 – Structured Learning.  At this stage we see this as a team approach and will look different for different aged learners. Teachers, Teams, Implementation Team will be meeting online in the coming weeks to plan and be ready to roll out a structured programme. We already have teachers connecting face to face with students through seesaw, dojo and google hangouts.  We see this continuing to happen after the holidays. Take care, as we continue to adapt to this new way of learning and leaving we will update you with new information. Andrew ( )

Online Learning

Hopefully you and your families have had contact from your classroom teachers to touch base. Tonight I am able to share with you our first stage of online learning ( – Holiday Activities.  This is our first response and in light of the holiday period 30 March to 14 April.  The holiday activities offer a range of learning activities that parents can select to involve their children in.  It allows families to get ideas and have some time to complete these. There are ideas for online and offline learning.  At this stage we have 6 of 8 learning areas open with resources. These include; Health and Wellbeing mindfulness and movement General Activities over 200 activities Literacy listen to a book online or write a story using one of the picture prompts Maths practice your maths skills or watch one of the Maths Tools videos to learn more about maths Science select a resource and have a go at some of the experiments Projects have a look at the projects on offer and complete one of them We are still to add information to our Virtual Field Trips, Arts pages and add a few maths workbooks. Please remember to continue the great work you are doing with your children, plenty of fresh air and involvement around the home.  Nathan Wallis has updated information for us ( While you and your family are on holiday we will continue to be in contact with you.  I know that many teachers are already sharing videos or preparing shared stories to listen to. During this time we will be getting ready to provide our 2nd stage of online learning – Structured Learning.  This will be ready for April 15. The difference will be teachers directing you to online learning, providing their specific class and perhaps groups in some cases with different learning.  Structured learning will be pushed straight to children and / or parents depending on the age of the child. We will continue to keep you informed as we progress our thinking. Thank you for your ongoing support as we prepare new learning approaches. Take care. Regards, Andrew ( )

Covid-19 Update 23 Mar 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Thank you for your ongoing support during these uncertain times.  We had a walk through all of the learning spaces this morning, I would like to commend all of the staff for the calm learning environments they are providing our students. A number of parents are now working from home and have selected for their children to self-isolate with them.  As a school we are entering the next phase of putting together online learning material.  Please be aware at this stage while school is open we continue to plan for our learners in this current state while also planning for an online learning response. It is our understanding that there will be more news from the Prime Minster early this afternoon. In the meantime, the NZ Institute of Well Being and Resilience has put out some information regarding Real-time Resilience Strategies for Coping with Coronavirus Thank you for your ongoing communication around you and your family.  We have been asked for some advice around whether children should be sent to school.  At this stage schools remain open, however, doing what you think is right, best for your family and provides peace of mind should also be considered.  Please remember if you have decided to self-isolate let know. Take care. Regards, Andrew

Covid-19 Update

Dear Parents and Caregivers, With the most recent information, we have made the decision to cancel team assemblies and Kapahaka for the remainder of the term.  We will reassess this situation next term. Please keep up to date with the new website the Government has created dedicated to information about covid-19 There is new information around self isolation in that people who have travelled prior to the cut off date and time should self isolate.  If your household / child is self isolating could you please let know with the start and finish date.  The MoH has information about shared spaces and self isolation. As a school we are working through our pandemic plan to ensure that we have the most up to date information possible.  If your child has a compromised immune system, respiratory conditions or health aspects we are unaware of could you please let know. Later today we will be sending home a survey regarding your access to the internet as we prepare for the possibility of distance learning. We posted a clip of Nathan Wallis sharing some tips around covid-19 and anxiety. It is a quick easy watch that offers information on how to reassure children at this time. As always, if you have any questions or require further information please do reach out to us. Regards, Andrew Mouat

Covid 19 Update

Monday 23 March 2020

As you may have heard from the Prime Minister this afternoon all schools have been asked to close as of Tuesday 24th March, however children with parents working in essential services (eg health workers, supermarkets, pharmacy, service stations) are able to attend school on Tuesday 24th. We will have teachers available for the Tuesday, please send children to the hall.

We will be informing children that we are going on a four week break as of tomorrow just before home time today.

We will be gathering together online learning and this will be shared with you via your classroom teacher.

Take care and thank you for your support.


Welcome Naumai

St Martins Primary School delivers high quality, child-centred education in a friendly and inviting learning environment. We aim to ‘Inspire a Passion For Learning’ through instilling our School’s Values and Beliefs: Respect, Caring, Responsibility, Personal Best, and Learning. It is our goal to develop confident, connected actively involved, life long learners.

We believe that a strong and open partnership between school, family and the wider community is essential if we are to empower our students to create their own pathways to success. We acknowledge the unique individuals that our children are, their diverse abilities, their distinct personalities, their interests and their cultures, and we aim to provide exciting and engaging learning programmes that will meet their needs today, and prepare them for tomorrow.

We are fortunate to be served by a committed Board of Trustees, supported by an energetic and creative S’MART Community. We encourage our parent community to be involved in our school in whatever ways they can, and because they play an important role in developing the strategic direction of our school, and as this is a community school.

Enjoy your visit to our website, and if you would like to know more about St Martins School please feel free to make an appointment to meet with me.

Kind regards

Andrew Mouat

Proposed Enrolment Scheme for St Martins School

The Ministry of Education has requested under section 11H of the Education Act 1989 that St Martins School amends its enrolment home zone to manage our growing school roll and our building capacity. 

The reason for this is to ensure that schools can manage the numbers of students attending their school and ensure an equitable spread of students between schools. Before amending our enrolment zone we are required to consult with our students, parents and local community, with parents of prospective students of St Martins School and with the Boards of other local schools that may be affected by the amendment. 

Because of the significant crossover of our current enrolment home zones, we are working collaboratively with Thorrington School and Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto to develop our proposed amendments to our enrolment home zones. This will allow our schools and the Ministry of Education to effectively manage the capacity of our schools, both for now and the future.  Further information can be found on our enrolment zone page or displayed in the school office.

The St Martins Way – Our Learning Model

The St Martins Way (the S’MART Way) plays a significant role in the delivery of the curriculum at St Martins School. The S’MART Way represents the St Martins School learning model and has been developed in consultation with the school community and the school staff. It incorporates special branding that brings to life our special learning model.