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The Lachie Challenge

The Lachie Challenge The St Martins School Student Council is organising a number of upcoming fundraising events to raise funds for one of the students in our school whānau. Lachie Sutherland has again been diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer. We are organising the following events: Lachie Bands Shave Ya Lid For OUR Kid Sutherland Smoothies, and Laps for Lachie Lachie Bands are a tribute band for Lachie.  Year 5-8 students are encouraged to wear them on Wednesday 23rd October for our Athletics Day and Year 0-4 students can wear them at school on the same day.  The bands will be in our house colours so that we can support our houses and Lachie. The Lachie Bands will be sold on Tuesday 22nd of October before and after school.  We will have two stalls set up: 1) outside the waharoa entrance to our school, and 2) on the basketball court near the playground. The bands will be on sale from 8:20-8:50am in the morning, and 2:50-3:15pm in the afternoon.  We ask for a donation for these. Sutherland Smoothies is a fun event where two student representatives from each Year 5-8 class will take part in a ‘Fear Factor’ stye event  — drinking smoothies that Lachie choses the contents of, to replicate the drinks that he has as part of his treatment. This event will be held on Thursday 31st of October, from 2pm in the hall. Shave Ya Lid For OUR Kid will involve several Year 7/8 students shaving their hair and all profits will go to Lachie. It will be held on Thursday 7th November, from 2pm in the hall.  If you would like to donate to our cause we will be starting a Give a Little shortly (more information to come). Laps for Lachie will be an overnight Year 5-8 event we are hoping to hold at Hansen Park from 6pm to 6am (date to be confirmed).  We plan to hold a junior version for Year 0-4 from 6pm-8pm. In teams of four, there must always be someone moving around the 400m track.  Teams may consist of families and friends — age is no limit! We plan to have a BBQ up and running, music and a range of fun games to keep you entertained well into the night. It would be greatly appreciated if you could get behind this important cause.  Lachie and his family are an important part of our school community and it’s important that they feel our love and support at this time!  Any donation you make towards these events would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much From the St Martins School Student Council

Scholastic Book Club, Term 4 2019

Welcome to book club, there look to be some great titles and fabulous bargains!  Brochures will be coming home with your children over the next couple of days. Closing date for orders: Friday, 25 October.  Please make sure you have ordered on line by this date or handed a completed for and payment in to the School office. Please note we will be unable to process late orders. Orders can be placed either by yourselves directly on line, using the LOOP system – Linked Online Ordering and Payment for parents – or if you prefer orders plus payment can be sent to School and dropped at the Library or Office.  Any cheques should be made payable to Scholastic New Zealand. If you do wish to order directly please visit and follow the instructions, we will NOT need the paper order form, your order will be delivered to school with the remainder of our order and be sent home via the children. As ever, if you ever want to order a “surprise” book for a special occasion put your name and phone number clearly on the order form and we will phone you for collection once they are received!  Or if ordering orders can be identified as GIFT while ordering online. At St Martins we send one catalogue home per term, the first of two which Scholastic produce.  If you wish to order from the second catalogue in a term you will need to do this online. Any questions I’m happy to answer, or find the answer for you. Thanks for your support, every book ordered raises dollars for School Library stock Lynley

School Athletics Wednesday 23rd October

Next Wednesday, the 23rd of October, St Martins will be holding the Yr 5-8 athletics day. We are  having our 1000m and 1200m race on Monday 21st October at 10.30am. Both events will be held at Hansen Park. Could your child please wear their house colours, and bring warm clothing, lunch and a water bottle. If you could also ensure your child brings their hat and has applied sunblock. We will have some at the event so that it can be re-applied throughout the day. All parents are welcome to attend. Below is the timetable for athletics day. TIMETABLE/PROGRAM  23rd OCTOBER 8.45am –  Students go to class for roll call 8:50 am – Students to assemble on court area in age groups ready for the first event. Event 1 teachers take their age group to Hansen Park. Go straight to your first event.   Year 5 65 students Year 6 80 students Year 7 82 students Year 8 Girls 39 students Year 8 Boys 44 students Round 1   9:10-9:50 Long Track (80m) Short Track (50m) Shot Put Long Jump Discus Round 2  9:50-10:35 Long Jump Discus Short Track (60m) Shot Put High Jump Morning Tea  10:35-10:45 Morning Tea Morning Tea Morning Tea Morning Tea Morning Tea Round 3 10:45-11:30 Shot Put High Jump Discus Short Track (60m) Long Jump Lunch 12-12:15 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Round 4  12:20-1:05 Short Track (50m) Long Track (80m) High Jump Discus Shot Put Round 5   1:05-1:50 Discus Long Jump Long Track (100m) High Jump Short Track (60m) Round 6   1:50-2:30 High Jump Shot Put Long Jump Long Track (100) Long Track (100) 2.30pm will be the house relay and teacher race

Welcome Naumai

St Martins Primary School delivers high quality, child-centred education in a friendly and inviting learning environment. We aim to ‘Inspire a Passion For Learning’ through instilling our School’s Values and Beliefs: Respect, Caring, Responsibility, Personal Best, and Learning. It is our goal to develop confident, connected actively involved, life long learners.

We believe that a strong and open partnership between school, family and the wider community is essential if we are to empower our students to create their own pathways to success. We acknowledge the unique individuals that our children are, their diverse abilities, their distinct personalities, their interests and their cultures, and we aim to provide exciting and engaging learning programmes that will meet their needs today, and prepare them for tomorrow.

We are fortunate to be served by a committed Board of Trustees, supported by an energetic and creative S’MART Community. We encourage our parent community to be involved in our school in whatever ways they can, and because they play an important role in developing the strategic direction of our school, and as this is a community school.

Enjoy your visit to our website, and if you would like to know more about St Martins School please feel free to make an appointment to meet with me.

Kind regards

Andrew Mouat

The St Martins Way – Our Learning Model

The St Martins Way (the S’MART Way) plays a significant role in the delivery of the curriculum at St Martins School. The S’MART Way represents the St Martins School learning model and has been developed in consultation with the school community and the school staff. It incorporates special branding that brings to life our special learning model.