About St Martins Mō Hāto Mātene

St Martins School | Hāto Mātene Kura is a popular state school on the edge of Christchurch, nestled at the foot of the Port Hills. It has a very proud tradition of providing high quality primary and intermediate education for New Entrant to Year 8 children.

St Martins | Hāto Mātene is well known for its love of the Performing Arts, its sporting prowess and as a school that is successful in developing well-rounded, capable students who are successful in a diverse world.

St Martins | Hāto Mātene is a large school yet parent feedback tells us that it has a strong “family-feeling” and that our children feel happy and safe. We have high expectations of our staff, teaching and support staff, and ensure that they are kept “professionally current” through ongoing, high quality professional development.

During the Canterbury earthquakes some of our buildings were damaged, but the rebuild has resulted in many new spaces and modern learning environments.

The school is well resourced, with our 21st Century learning philosophy being well supported with the latest technologies, to ensure that our children have access to the learning tools of today for a lifetime of learning in the future.

St Martins School | Hāto Mātene Kura is well supported by a Board of Trustees that promotes good governance and gives priority to ensuring this school is meeting students needs. The Board of Trustees supports the managing of class size to keep them as low as possible, ensures that the learning environment is progressive and safe, and involves the school community in the development of its strategic direction.

The school endeavours to maintain quality communication with our community and we do so in a wide range ways. Feedback is gratefully received, and we believe that this provides us with an opportunity to constantly improve.

St Martins | Hāto Mātene is a child-centred, community spirited school and we would like you to be part of it. We warmly welcome you, and invite you to make an appointment to visit and see our school in action. To get in touch please email here to make a time to meet with our principal for a tour of the grounds. Or to enrol please click here and follow our online enrolment process

Ko te tamaiti te pūtake o te kaupapa
The child – the heart of the matter

The Story Behind Our Logo

Our school logo was launched in March 2012 – at a time when our city was beginning a new adventure into the future, so was our school.

The main letters ‘S’ and ‘M’ of our name St Martins are used in the logo.

The Port Hills behind our school are represented in the mounds of the lower case ‘m’. The ‘s’ not only creates the path up to the school, but symbolises the journey the students take with their climb to achieve, and the growth in their learning.