School Stationery – OfficeMax

OfficeMax MySchool has partnered with St Martins School to make shopping for school stationery quick and easy.

Prior to the start of each school year St Martins School loads the stationery lists for each syndicate onto the OfficeMax MySchool website. This gives parents and caregivers the convenience of ordering online at excellent “Back to School” prices, while ensuring students are purchasing and using the correct items required for their learning.

All of the class book packs are just a click away to being delivered to your door at amazing prices. They offer an “open shopping cart system” where you can delete items you already have from your pack or add in extras you might need for around home.  You can also login in at any stage during the year and purchase other items you may need.

Any order made online over $60 (including GST) is delivered free of charge (you can order for more than 1 child at a time as well).

For families without online access you can pop into the OfficeMax retail store on Tuam Street and the helpful staff can download the order form and help you make your purchases.

By using the OfficeMax MySchool ordering system you are also helping St Martins School. We gain rewards that we are able to use for student and classroom resources.

Step by step instructions to order your online stationery:

1. Go to

2. Type “St Martins School” and select it as it appears below where you typed

3. Enter your child’s name (please ignore student ID section)

4. Select the syndicate your child will be in, click “Save & Continue”. A list of all the items you child requires will appear. You can add and remove items by adjusting the number in the “Qty” column. You can buy other products by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking on the “Products” tab.

5. If you have other children at school you can scroll to the bottom of the page and “add another student” at any time.

6. When you have completed your order you select your order method, select the date you wish your order to be delivered, enter your delivery address and make your payment.

Thank you for supporting St Martins School.