Updated Enrolment Scheme for St Martins School

Kia ora koutou,

I am finally able to update you on the new zone for St Martins School. The Ministry have decided to retain the zone they originally proposed back in February. To this effect, they have directed the Board to adopt the new zone from January 1st 2021. Please see Zone map and details .

The Board’s submission following consultation with the community, to retain the area within the Prossers/Wades Road “loop”, was rejected on the grounds that it would carry a high risk of overcrowding. Our roll was set at 450 by the Ministry in 2019, and we are currently expecting around 530 students by the end of 2021. This means that we will continue to carefully manage enrolments, including no out of zone students for the foreseeable future (we have not accepted out of zone students since 2015). Siblings of students who currently attend St Martins will still be able to attend.

To allow for the transition to 450 students, which will happen over a number of years, the Ministry are currently working with the Board and the school to retain a number of temporary classrooms.

The rezoning will affect St Martins as well as Beckenham and Thorrington schools, who are also implementing their new zone boundaries on January 1st.

Kind regards,

Kate Hodgins                                                           

Board Chair                                                        

Enrolment Zone until end of 2020

The written description is as follows:

From the intersection of Whaka Terrace and Centaurus Road then following the curve of the Heathcote River through Palatine Terrace, Riverlaw Terrace to the southernmost bridge on Aynsley Terrace, then Aynsley Terrace south of that point to Centaurus Road, Port Hills Road to the intersection of Curries Road and Opawa Road and to include all residences on Port Hills Road up to that intersection and houses on the south side of this boundary. Hill side and hill top residences within this boundary when a straight line is drawn from the extreme boundaries ie: Whaka Terrace and Port Hills Road, will be eligible to enrol. These boundary lines would meet at a point known as the Witches Hat.

More information about school enrolment zones is available on the Ministry of Education’s Te Kete Ipurangi website, including an interactive School Finder zone map.

Out of Zone Enrolments

Please note that we are not currently accepting any out of zone enrolments due to our increased school roll. We will update this if the situation changes.