Welcome to The S’Mart Community

A strong parent community to support the school in providing a healthy positive environment and greater learning opportunities.

Incorporated Society #220377

The S’Mart Community is the St Martins School parent community that helps the school by fundraising, giving practical support and by helping develop a stronger parent community. (This has replaced the previous PTA and Fundraising groups).

For more details go to our website www.smartcommunity.org.nz

The S’Mart Community is an Incorporated Society so that it benefits from being a charitable entity. It is assumed that every parent of current St Martins School children is a member of the Society unless they let the committee know otherwise via info@smartcommunity.org.nz   Parents are encouraged to participate as they are able to.

How can you participate?

Respond to the requests for help that are communicated through the school newsletter and emails.

Join the MEALS or BAKING email databases.

We have a MEALS database of people willing to be asked to make a meal when a family is in need. We also have a database of people willing to be asked to make BAKING for events. For both of these, you are able to decide at the time if you are able to help.

Join one of the Teams.

Each team needs members to help fulfill the role of that team.

  • The Community Team needs at least one parent per class to help promote the S’Mart Community, help liaise with parents, listen out for families needing support and help create fun!
  • The Fundraising Team needs lots of parents keen to help with fundraising.
  • The Practical Jobs Team need people who are keen to lend a hand with running events, or is otherwise practically inclined (e.g. can sew, bake, turn a spade!)

How to join S’Mart Community

Please email us with your name, landline and cell phone number and let us know what help you can provide.

If you would like to contact the chairperson, please email Jamie Billings at chairperson@smartcommunity.org.nz

S’Mart Community School Fundraising

Payments towards school fundraising events/items can be made to the S’Mart Community bank account:

ASB 12-3147-0420521-00.

So we can identify your payment, please reference the following against your payment:

  • Your child’s name
  • what fundraising the payment is for

You can order Entertainment books by clicking on this link.