St Martins School Jubilee Trust

Objectives of the Jubilee Trust

The goal of the Jubilee Trust is to assist any project that will promote the learning and development of students at the school. These may include outdoor education activities, art, music, performing arts, sports & culture. It is intended to support school programs but not fund activities that are otherwise the responsibility of the school board of trustees. The trustees intend to make a distribution from the trust fund each year.

A small fund is currently being held based on the profits from the school jubilee held in 2006. This has been augmented by other donations and the trustees hope to add to the fund by:

  1. Receiving funds from legacies and lump-sum donations
  2. Annual pledges and regular payments
  3. Sponsorships

Charitable Status

The trust has charitable status and will be registered with the Charities Commission. Any donations to the trust can qualify for a tax credit and there is now no limit to the donation tax rebate.

How the Jubilee Trust is Managed?

The trust fund is held by Trustees in accordance with the terms of a trust deed. The Trust operates independent of the school although the trustees were initially appointed by the school’s Board of Trustees. An annual report is filed with the Charities Commission and is available on the Commission’s website.

Who Are the Trustees?

  • Andrew Mouat (Principal)
  • Leonie Vickers (Community representative)
  • David Drayton (Community representative)
  • Ian Dalley (Community representative)

How Can I Donate?

Any enquiries regarding the trust should be directed to Megan Moore in the school office.

The Jubilee Trust has its own bank account and donations can be made directly to the Westpac account: 03 1598 0409429 00