As part of our push to improve safety on our school routes, we are revisiting our school travel plan. This was last undertaken back in 2010/2011, unfortunately coinciding with earthquakes and subsequent rebuilding. We are kicking things off today with a short survey of the school community’s daily travel habits.

Please take a few minutes to click through the survey – the more answers we get, the better our chances of seeing some real improvement. Our tamariki will have the opportunity to complete a short survey in class.

The survey will show us where the main issues lie for our community and hopefully indicate possible steps for improvements for both the council and the school community. In the meantime you may also notice council workers counting vehicles and clocking speeds on the roundabout and around the school zone.

If any parents or wider whānau are keen to be more involved with this initiative, especially if you would like to see better cycling or pedestrian facilities on our school routes, please contact me directly on

The survey will be open for a fortnight and we will feedback to you with the results.

Please click here to complete the survey.