Smarttouch 2020 Registrations for term 4 are now open, so it’s time to be getting teams, coaches and managers together.

Spaces filled up last year, so get in fast. You don’t need any prior experience to coach touch. We will be holding a coaching workshop at the start of term 4 to give you some ideas around what to coach and how to coach. Information on how the game is played is under the tab: Rules on

A level 1 coaching course will also be available, details to follow.

Steps to register:

1. Get your team together! Find a sign-up sheet in your class and write your name down or talk with your friends and parents. Check with your teacher if you need help.

2. Appoint a team manager and coach.

3. Team manager enters online using the URL address

4. On the Smarttouch home page go to the Registration page, fill out the touch team sign up form and submit it.

5. You will then receive an email giving you the link to enter your player details.

New Touch NZ Policy

We are implementing a few changes this season. A basic summary of these are: Year 0-4: No score keeping, modified rules, 5 players on the field, open ratio (any ratio of boys and girls), half field, max of 10 in a team.

Year 5/6: scoring, but not recorded, standard rules, 5 players on the field, mixed ratio 2:3, half field, max of 10 in a team.

Year7/8: Scoring and recorded, standard rules, 6 players, mixed 3: 3, full field.

Helpers: Keep an eye out for the Sign-up genius coming out later in the term.

Closing date for entries is Friday 25th September

Check website for payment details *Due to covid please do not put any payments through until the 2 nd playing night (29th Oct).

We are all looking forward to a great season.

From the Smarttouch Team

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