Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The NZEI  (teachers union) has advised us that the principal and teachers at St Martins School will be going on strike for the day on Wednesday August 15th.  The Board of Trustees has carefully considered the number of non-union teachers and the lack of availability of relief teachers. Safety and well-being of our children and our staff is paramount and we therefore have decided to close St Martins School for instruction and supervision of children for the day on August 15th.  We understand that this may be inconvenient for parents and care-givers but we are trying to give as much time as possible to allow you to make other arrangements for your children.  We encourage parents or care-givers who might be struggling with other arrangements to talk to other parents in our school community who may be able to help out.

The Board fully supports the Principal and teaching staff at St Martins and wants to acknowledge the hard work and long hours they put into making the learning environment so enriching for our children.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jo Malcolm

Chairperson Board of Trustees