Notification of Paid Union Meeting.

The NZEI Te Riu Roa (teachers and principals union) is planning to hold paid union meetings for all NZEI Te Riu Roa members in May. This is due to the postponement of the meetings that were to take place in March.  This affects St Martins School on Thursday 9th May.  As the majority of staff at our school are union members, they will be attending this meeting at 2pm.  We ask that you please collect your children at 12.30 pm on this day. 

The NZEI says “The decision to hold meetings during student contact time is not one we take lightly. However, it’s urgent that we come together to discuss ways to address the long-term, systemic issues that are threatening to blow out class sizes and make it even harder to recruit and retain teaching staff. The challenge so many schools have faced this year in recruiting sufficient suitably qualified teachers to staff every classroom in their respective schools is further evidence of the urgency of securing more resourcing for primary education.”