SMART Governance – News from the BoT

  • Thanks to everyone who voted in the recent BoT elections. New trustee, Richard Boon, is a great asset to our team – he’s helping us better understand the finances! We also appreciate the voice of Mike Gibbs, representative of our school Whānau, around the Board table.
  • We are working with several local schools (“Learning Community Cluster”) and the Ministry of Education on planning how we want to deliver education within our community in the future, as part of the “Education Renewal in Greater Christchurch” programme.
  • We have recently completed our three-yearly review with ERO (Education Review Office). ERO was impressed with St Martins School and we look forward to sharing the report when it is released.
  • Our Strategic Plan is the school’s road map: it outlines the goals we have for St Martins School and how we plan to achieve them. The Strategic Plan is reviewed annually by the Board, and every 3 years by the school community. That time is coming around, so watch this space – we’ll be asking for your ideas on the plan later in the year.
  • Thanks to everyone that has paid their school donation for the term (or year). Government funding provides the basics, but we do rely on school donations to provide the “extras” that add depth to school life.