Dear Parents / Caregivers,

It is with much sadness that we share the news with you that Lachie passed away yesterday.  Our thoughts, sincerest condolences and prayers are with Kelly and her family at this time.

Lachie made a positive impact on our school, through the wonderful interactions and relationships he built with other children, staff and families.  From his engaging smile to the light hearted conversations.  He made a special place in our hearts and pulled us all together.

Today many children, particularly in the senior school, shared stories around their interaction with Lachie, the funny times, the moments that made them laugh, the moments that made them cry, the effect that Lachie has had on them.

We are all the better for having Lachie in our lives.  Now is our time to hold on to the things that made him special to all of us, the caring, the fight, the resilience and especially his kindness.

Rest peacefully Lachie.

By the end of today all classroom teachers will have had an age appropriate conversation with their class.  Many classes have shared the news this morning.  We have had Meg from Mana Ake available for children and staff members as needed throughout the morning.  Mana Ake will provide another counselor for tomorrow as well.  We have had a number of children talking about their feelings with teachers and Meg this morning.  Could we ask that you check in on your children throughout the next few days and weeks to support them with their changes in emotion as they process this loss to them and your family.  If you feel your child may need further support please reach out to their classroom teacher in the first instance.