Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Well here we are, almost into the weekend with the holidays about to start on Monday.  We have been working hard to make connections with students throughout this week. As we have previously mentioned online learning stage 1 – Holiday Activities is now in place ( ).  This website offers a wide range of activities to share with your child / ren during the next few weeks.  We continue to upload new content. Today we have added more material on the Wellbeing page to support parents in the ‘parent information’ section ( ).

Teachers will continue to touch base throughout the weeks as well as some sharing on our Facebook page.  Look out for our continued picture book sharing next week.

While the children are on holiday we will be preparing online learning stage 2 – Structured Learning.  At this stage we see this as a team approach and will look different for different aged learners. Teachers, Teams, Implementation Team will be meeting online in the coming weeks to plan and be ready to roll out a structured programme. We already have teachers connecting face to face with students through seesaw, dojo and google hangouts.  We see this continuing to happen after the holidays.

Take care, as we continue to adapt to this new way of learning and leaving we will update you with new information.


( )