Firstly, due to so much going on in the final couple of weeks there is no school assembly this Friday 7th December.

We have two assemblies to end the year. On Thursday 13th December starting at 1.30pm we have the Service and Celebration Assembly to present certificates for service plus the presentation of some sporting cups and trophies.

At this assembly we will also be farewelling Trudy Rowe who will be heading off in early January to take up a Performing Arts position at Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys in Abu Dhabi. We hope you can join us to farewell Trudy and to celebrate our students.

On Monday 17th December starting at 9.30am we have our final assembly of the year where the presentation of the class awards are given, major school awards are handed out and our Year 8 students are farewelled. This is also the last day of school for the 2018 school year and school finishes at 12.30pm.

School starts back in 2019 on Monday 4th February.