Kia ora Whānau – Greetings everyone.

It was pleasing to see so many parents at our Meet the Teacher meeting last Thursday. The feedback has been very encouraging and provides us with some very good suggestions for future meetings.

It seems hard to believe it is five years since our world turned upside down! The shakes we had the weekend before last reminded us of how ‘raw’ the emotions of some still remain. We could see that those wobbles had significant effect on a number of our students and their families. St Martins has set up many support systems for children in need of support, some quite visible and others tailored to meet specific needs as they arise. It is important to know that as a school we do have strong networks for providing support or for knowing where the most appropriate support can be accessed.

Sometimes the support that might be required is only a conversation away. These conversations can create clearer understanding for us, and allow the school to respond in practical or other ways. Feel free to contact either Bernadette May, Deputy Principal, or Rob Callaghan, Principal, if you feel it would be helpful.

Uniform:  (See school website for full details)

The school uniform code is as follows:

Compulsory Uniform Items: Polo Shirt, Polarfleece Jacket (Seniors may wear the Senior Jacket), Bucket Hat, either Unisex Short or Girls Skort, Long Socks and Girls Tights – must be navy blue or Ankle Socks or Hideaway Socks – must be white or navy blue, Shoes – must be dark coloured, preferably black but navy and dark brown are acceptable

Optional items: Unisex Cargo Pants, Girls Summer Dress – in royal blue gingham, Terms 1 and 4 only,

Winter Jacket (Waterproof, Polarfleece-lined), Long Sleeve Thermal Undergarment (navy blue), Beanie.

While most of the uniform is being worn well the exception is footwear. Very bright sports shoes are becoming popular. Children are permitted to wear sports shoes for sporting activities, or to bring them along to change into at break time. Many sport shoe companies are now producing sports lines in black. We ask that you consider this when upgrading sports shoes if your child is intending to wear that style of shoe to and from school also.


Please find a way to ‘name’ your child’s scooter if it is to be brought to school. Most weeks there are scooters left behind at school. Our trusty caretaker will generally put these away, but without a name they are often left at school, sometimes for many months until being reclaimed. Your support with this would be appreciated.

Kind regards

Rob Callaghan