St Martins Darra Pin
The St Martins School Cross Country will be held on Tuesday 9th June at Hansen Park.
This will be for students in Year 3-8.
(Year 0-2 will be at a later date).
The timetable is as follows:
9.30 am-Year 3 boys
9.40am-Year 3 girls
9.50am-Year 4 boys
10:00am-Year 4 girls
10:15am-Year 5 boys
10:30am-Year 5 girls
10:45am-Year 6 boys
11:00am-Year 6 girls
11:15am-Year 7 boys
11.35am-Year 7 girls
11.50am-Year 8 boys
12:10am-Year 8 girls
The distances are as follows:
Year 3/4 1km
Year 5/6 2km
Year 7/8 3km
While we would love to see parents supporting their children, we are aware that the government has restrictions around crowds. These are capped at 100. We will keep you posted around how we plan to manage this.