Over this weekend stage one of the demolition will commence. On Friday 11th May after school, Hann Construction will erect fencing around the Dental Clinic. Stage one of the demolition is to remove materials that may have asbestos.

This will be completed in a controlled fashion that meets Health and Safety regulations, however we ask that parents are mindful of this and therefore it may be best that children do not use the school playground this weekend.

From Monday 14th May you can expect that there will be a different look to the parking entranceway to St Martins School. If you have children attending the breakfast session or after school session at the Homework Club, you and your children will still be able to access the hall but you may have to walk through the second car park to gain access.

Once the Dental Clinic is fully removed Hann Construction will put up the rest of the fencing. This is likely to be sometime towards the end of next week.

We know that parents are as much concerned as we are about the reduction in play space. Staff are creating a range of exciting opportunities for children to be involved in. As programmes are to be introduced we will keep you informed about them. We are really fortunate that the St Martins Valley Tennis Club is making space available for us also.

This will be really exciting to see things actually starting to happen.