The preparation for the foundation work is progressing at a steady rate. While the recent rain has been a problem it does not seem to have halted things to a huge degree. Please take some time when you come to conferences to have a look at what is happening.

At the moment the coarse base has been laid and is now being compacted and we expect this will be finished by Thursday afternoon. So you may notice some intermittent noise if you are here for conferences this Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

The next stage will then be to trench for the metal frames for the foundations to be laid and possibly even as early as next week could be the first foundation pour.

After the holiday break, probably in Week 1 or 2, the concrete tilt slab walls will arrive and will be erected – very exciting!

Obviously as this piece of work approaches we will keep you well informed as it may mean additional restrictions to access while the tilt slab walls are delivered and installed.

Once the tilt slab walls are up then they will lay the concrete floor slab – an interesting way of construction, we had not realised it was done this way, but hopefully by mid next term the building will have some real shape to it.

You may have already had a look at the building plans that are up in the school hall and school office. We will display some additional copies during the conferences and we are looking at putting these in the foyer of the stairwell by Rooms 14 and 15 and on the verandah in front of Rooms 4 and 5. So why not have a look before or after your conference.

Remember these regular build updates and the plans are also available to view on the school website