We expect that today there will be a small concrete pour, although this will not affect access to and from school. The really exciting news is that in Week 4 of this term (13th to 17th August) we expect that the tilt slab walls will be installed.

What that means is that for that one week there will be no parking around or down the side of the hall as this will be used for access to deliver the tilt slabs and for that week a little bit of extra play space will be fenced off.

Access to the hall will only be via the street so we will be limiting our use of the hall for essential events only. There will be no assembly during Week 4. If children are at the Homework Club before school or after school  programmes the supervisors at the Homework Club will liaise with you on how this will be managed for the week.

Once the tilt slab walls are up we believe in the following weeks the concrete floor will be poured and it will start to look like a new building. Very exciting times! More specific information will be shared nearer to the date.