Nikki Tod, Deirdre Richardson, and Richard Boon have been elected onto our Board of Trustees (BoT). We offer our congratulations to those elected. Thank you to the parents who put their names forward for the elections and to all of those parents that voted. It shows that our school community takes a great interest in the welfare and learning of our children at St Martins School.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Greg Hamilton who has been the BoT chairperson for the past five years and a BoT member for six years. During his time as Chairperson, Greg has guided the BoT through the appointment of a new principal, several earthquake events, the development of the strategic plan which has set a new direction for our school … that’s just a few of the many achievements during Greg’s time as Chairperson. 

Greg’s contribution and commitment to our school has been immense and yet mostly unseen. His expertise, skill, and dedication to achieving the best for St Martins School has been greatly appreciated by those who have worked with him over the past six years.