Kia ora Whānau – Greetings everyone.

As you may have heard in the media this week and through our school notices, the primary and secondary teacher’s unions are organising joint paid members meetings throughout the country in the next three weeks to inform members about the ‘global budget’ funding proposal that is currently being discussed by government.

The meeting for Christchurch city schools is scheduled for 1:30pm on Wednesday 7th September. As almost 100% of our staff are members of the union and are entitled, under their collective agreement, to attend the meeting we are asking that you collect your child from school at 12:30pm on Wednesday 7 Sept.

If your child(ren) normally attend the Homework Club on Wednesdays, you may like to contact them to ensure that this service will continue for that day.

If you are not able to collect your child(ren) from school that day, please let us know by phoning the office (3326121), so that we can arrange supervision for those children who will remain at school.

We will create a form collating the number of students who will need supervision at school so that we can plan for how many people we need at school for supervision.

Please inform the office of your child/ren’s name, classroom and if they will be attending the Homework Club after school. (Remember please check if this service is available for that day.)

We do trust you appreciate that this is a national issue of concern to education, and that for both unions to be working together to inform their members, during school time is a decision that the unions have not taken lightly.

You can read briefly about the meetings here:

Kind regards

Bernadette May

Acting Principal