The School stationery lists are online on the OfficeMax Back to School website. Go to and find the class list appropriate to your child’s pod, class and Year level. Ordering is easy and your stationery is delivered straight to your door. You can also Buy Now, Pay Later, see the flier for details. If there is anything on the list you do not need (such as a ruler etc that you may have from last year) then it is easy just to uncheck the box and remove that item. You can also add extra items you may want such as coverings for books or stationery for the home. If you are unable to order online then just pop into the OfficeMax shop and the staff will have the lists available and can help you collate your order. Please note that if you do not purchase your school stationery at OfficeMax you still need to buy the same exercise book/item as listed on the OfficeMax site as the teachers have chosen these items for a specific reason and do find other ‘alternatives’ that are sometimes purchased are not suitable for the task. We do also ask that your child has their stationery ready to use in the first week back at school. It is difficult for students who have not come with their stationery to keep up with the school work their classmates are completing. Our school also receives rewards based on purchases made which helps us to fund extra things for our students.