This term we are trialling a new system for our school assemblies this term. Here are the details.

Our full school assemblies are often quite jam packed, with not a lot of room for parents to attend or time to include all the special items we would like to. We are wanting them to become a community event that all are welcome at so are going to try a split system.

This would mean that on Week one, Week five and Week 10 we have full school assemblies with special certificates and some time to come together to celebrate as one. Other than these weeks the Junior school (yr 0-4) will have assemblies on odd weeks (Week 3, 7 and 9) and Senior school (yr 5-8) will have assemblies on even weeks (Week 2, 4, 6, 8). This system will allow more space and more time for special class items and for our lovely community to feel welcome and relaxed.

If your childs class is presenting a class item, their teacher will contact you so that you are able to attend. Below is a breakdown of the rest of the term.


Week one: Whole School (yr 0-8)

Week two: Senior school (yr 5-8)

Week three: Junior school (yr0-4)

Week four: Senior school (yr 5-8)

Week five: No Assembly (show day.)

Week six: Whole school (yr 0-8)

Week seven: Junior school (yr 0-4)

Week eight: Senior school (yr 5-8)

Week nine: Junior school (yr 0-4)

Week ten: Whole school – final assembly.