Kids growing? Uniform still got some life left?  Maybe you’d like to bring any second hand uniform you want sold at the sale alongside the Library’s Scholastic Book Sale  on 25th – 27th November.

If you have items to sell you can hand it into the office any time , but at the latest on Tuesday 24th November.  There is a small commission of a gold coin for this service.

Items for sale must be clean, and have an envelope attached to each separate item.(There will be safety pins provided in the office and second hand envelopes if you need one.)

The envelope must have:

  • Your name and contact details – either email or phone number.

  • How much you want for the item – if we don’t know, we can’t sell it on your behalf.

  • Gold coin sellotaped on to the envelope- as small fee for selling. (this is non – refundable)

As a general guide, when you are working out what you might want to price your item at, people do not usually want to pay more than half the original price. Prices like $5, $10 & $20  etc are easy money wise as people will have those denominations in their wallet. Remember a reasonably priced item will sell quicker than a higher priced item.

The sale is open from 8.30am – 9am and 2.30pm – 3.15 pm Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th and Friday 27th November.

This is a cash only service.

If your item is sold, we will let you know that your money is in the office to be collected by you.

If your item is not sold, we’ll be in touch to ask you whether you want to item returned to you, or donated to the school – to then be handed out at their discretion.

Trade Me may take the commission after, we’re taking it before. Your donation goes to the Smart Community,  for supporting those ‘little extra’ school project.