Paid Union Meetings will be held nationally. For the staff at St Martins School the meeting will be held on 21st March starting at 1.30pm. As most of our staff are members of the union and are entitled under the Collective Agreement to attend the meeting, we are asking that you collect your child from school at 12.30pm on Wednesday 21st March. 

If your child normally attends the Homework Club on Wednesdays you may like to contact them to ensure that your child can attend at this time.

If you are not able to collect your child from school on Wednesday at 12.30pm, please let us know by phoning the office (Ph 332-6121) so that we can arrange supervision for those children who will remain at school. We will then collate the number of students who will need supervision at school so that we can plan for how many people we need at school to supervise. Please inform the office of your child’s name and classroom.