Due to the huge task of moving the admin area to their temporary home in the new building the school office will be closed on the last two days of term (Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April)  for all but essential/emergency contact.  

Term Two starts for all students on Tuesday 30th April. We only gain access to the new building in the second week of the holidays (two days of which are public holidays) so there is not a lot of time for staff to move and set up classroom spaces and admin areas. 

Do you need any lever arch files? We have a lot of used files that are still in good condition that we just don’t need. We do not want to throw them away so if you, or your sports club, dance club, etc needs a few or a lot of files please come and see Michele and Megan in the school office between 8am and 3.30pm. We have plenty of empty ones ready to go. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF ROOM SO IF YOU WOULD LIKE ANY OF THESE FILES PLEASE COME AND COLLECT SOME BEFORE THE END OF THE DAY, TUESDAY 9TH APRIL.