As mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter there are classes on the move.

The classes shifting from the new Whare Kūkūwai back to the newly renovated two-story block are:

Year 5/6

  • Alice Denley and James Robinson (Navigators 3)

Year 7/8

  • Hamish Lancaster-Whillis and Amy Kenel (Highfliers 1)
  • Katelyn Hill and Alice Barakat (Highfliers 2)
  • Nicky Pateman and Jarad Pateman (Highfliers 3)

The classes moving into the Whare Kūkūwai are:

Year 0-2

  • Peta Berry and Charlotte Bates (Explorers 1)
  • Michelle Parsons and Helen Norcliffe (Explorers 3)

Year 3/4

  • Kate Keenan and Heather Owen (Discoverers 1)

Ruth Burry/Judy Davies and Bethan Dempster (Explorers 2) will move into the existing classrooms, Room 8 and 9.

Suzy O’Hara and Caitlin Ross/Lana Sweeney (Explorers 4) will move into the existing classrooms, Room 22 and 23.

Explorers 2 and Explorers 4 will continue to play in the top playground, with the exception of the Year 2’s (from Explorers 2). These students will have the opportunity to play in the bottom playground as we have always allowed them to do this in Term 4. These changes are due to the introduction of staggered breaks and because part of the Junior buildings will be fenced off reducing the area for playing.