In discussion with Bernadette it has been decided to change the farewell that was to be held on Wednesday 18th September. We now invite you to come to the Whare Kūkūwai after assembly on Friday 27th September.

Bernadette’s family schedule meant that people very special to Bernadette were not able to attend. There is going to be a final assembly on Friday 27th September from the students for Bernadette. There is not a lot of space and this is a time for the students, who were always Bernadette’s main priority, to say their goodbyes and celebrate Bernadette’s contribution to St Martins School.

Therefore we welcome you to come and say your farewells to Bernadette after school on Friday 27th September in the Whare Kūkūwai where there will be some refreshments and time to chat with Bernadette and other staff.