Week 5 the walls go up!

Today the large crane arrived for putting up the tilt slab walls and will be positioned this afternoon. This means that for all of next week there will be no parking down the side of the hall which will affect street parking as there will most likely be more staff parking on the street.

So we ask you to give consideration to either dropping off your children at the Centaurus Road park walkway or by parking slightly further away and walking a short distance to school.

To add to the excitement and thrill of the new build, the City Council will continue with their roadworks so we need to be vigilant and patient during this coming week as we move to and from school.

Because the crane will be parked in our usual evacuation area we have put in a different evacuation plan and this has been practiced successfully during the week.

We can expect by the end of next week our new building will start to take shape. Very exciting!