As the year progresses our roll continues to grow, not only with 5 year olds starting but with many new families moving into our zone, meaning children are joining classes at all year levels.

The Ministry of Education has been supportive in light of our building project and have eased the pressure for gaining staffing, especially to cater for New Entrant growth. We have now engaged Charlotte Bates to work with Peta Berry in our New Entrant class, part time initially and becoming full time by the end of this term.

If you do have, or know of someone who is in our zone and intending to come to St Martins School, please encourage them to let us know and enrol early. Advance warning really helps with planning.

The building is continuing to progress at a rapid rate. The walls are up and next Monday we expect the floor to be poured. This may mean some temporary access and parking issues behind the hall leading to less on street parking, but we will let you know of the developments as they arise. Following the pouring of the floor slab there may also be some other disruptions as the structural steel for the building arrives and is installed. This is all expected to happen before the end of this term.

With the road works and the build happening we do encourage parents and caregivers to take extra care and be patient when delivering or collecting children from school in the morning and afternoon. There have been a few very close calls, and also some illegal traffic behaviours. We do need all parents and caregivers to be responsible and lawful in their traffic behaviours.

Kind regards

Rob Callaghan