Week 5 at St Martins School has proved to be an exciting week with walls of the new building rising in front of our eyes. Over the space of this week about 60 wall panels are being installed onsite. There have been 2 massive cranes flying these large pieces of structure across the site and our children have enjoyed watching the building grow. If you have not been at St Martins School over the last week it is worth a visit to have a look.

With the build and the road closures at the moment we ask that your road behaviour be safe and legal. Please be patient and considerate.

I have had the privilege of seeing the Seussical production start to take shape in classes and in the Performing Arts room with our amazing Ms Trudy Rowe. Having seen many of the classes working on their class pieces and also the main cast members with Ms Rowe, I can tell you already you are going to enjoy this performance. We have a tremendous amount of talent at St Martins School and it is great to see our Performing Arts programme providing a platform for this talent and skill to be seen. 

Kind regards

Rob Callaghan