IMG_0136St Martins Library Learning Centre offers our students many opportunities; a space to change books, seek advice for recommendations, research for inquiry or personal interest, a corner to read in, a magazine to browse and a lunchtime retreat. Our library without walls can be accessed remotely 24 hours a day via the webopac and library website allowing students to manage their loans, reserve items and access a huge range of quality websites.

All classes visit throughout the week. We encourage a love  of reading believing in the importance of reading mileage. Anderson, Wilson and Fielding (1988) found that out-of-school reading habits of students show that even 15 minutes of independent reading a day can expose students to more than a million words of text in a year – what a great way to achieve reading success. We are happy to work with parents wanting ideas of what to read next, providing lists of titles which might work.


We work closely with the teaching staff for inquiry topics providing both resources and expertise in internet search techniques and other information skills. We also run a number of reading initiatives with different year groups some nationally organised, others of our own making so ensuring that the Library is a partner in the School’s curriculum delivery.

Here are quick links to the Access It website and our school library website.

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