Lachie Challenge – Shave Ya Lid for OUR Kid
Proudly introducing our volunteers who have jumped on board the ‘shave train’ for Lachie (22 students and Year 7/8 teacher, Alice Barakat).  One of our students, Tamar (who may well have the longest hair in the school) is donating her hair to Freedom Wigs in Dunedin.  There is also a rumour floating around that our male teachers are waxing their legs.
The event will be held on Tuesday 5th November at 2 pm in the school hall.
This makes for A LOT of hair, so we are hoping to raise A LOT of money.  Please donate at and share the link with friends and family.
We also welcome Cheeky Browns Hairdressing and The Dog Box Barber Shop to the event.  Both have volunteered to help shave/cut those lovely locks.
All proceeds will be given directly to Lachie so that he can purchase the things he needs or wants to help him through his treatment.  He may even have enough money by the end of the Lachie Challenges to take his family on a decent holiday.