We hope everyone has had a great first week for the school holidays and hope that this lovely Autumnal weather continues.

Today we have had a successful meeting with Hann Construction, the Ministry of Education, consulting engineers, architects and the school Health and Safety committee.

We now have a much better understanding of how the project will commence. The good news is that we have agreed not to erect the fencing immediately but it is likely to be in place by the end of week 2 of term 2.

Hann Construction have agreed to mark out the area that will be fenced so we can show the children and make appropriate changes to our evacuation procedures.

For the first two weeks it will be business as usual. This will give us the opportunity to give you clear information on how things will change in terms of access to the school.

This and all notices regarding the rebuild will also be added to our school website to keep you fully informed as we work together through this exciting rebuild project.